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In 2014 Lincoln University in Christchurch New Zealand introduced the Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing degree (B.AFM), recognising the opportunity to prepare graduates for careers in the agri-food value chain. The degree was developed in conjunction with leading agri-food companies to prepare students for careers in the agri-food supply chain beyond the farm gate

PowerPoint Presentation: Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing

Press release 11 March 2015: Fledgling agri-food course whetting student appetites

Course Brochure: B.AFM course info.


MGMT 340 Agribusiness Strategic Management

A comparative and critical study of agribusiness structures and strategies at the levels of the firm, value chain and industry. This course applies agribusiness strategy to real world contexts. It utilises case studies and agribusiness leaders to examine the strategic decision-making process underpinning competitive advantage.

MGMT 341 Food Industry Case Studies

An advanced study of national and international food value chains, using case studies as an integrative framework.

MGMT 628 Agribusiness in Developing Economies

Relationships between agriculture, rural development and economic growth; institutional arrangements and their implications for resource use and livelihoods; linking small producers to economic opportunities.

Contributing Lecturer to  AGEC 710, Comparative Food and Agriculture Systems as part of the the Kansas State University Master of Agribusiness


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